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All types of repair on all types of firearms. This includes spring piston airguns, but not CO2 or pneumatic airguns.

Types of services include:
  • Repair of broken obsolete parts

  • Fabrication of obsolete parts

  • Barrel relining

  • Fabrication or modification of scope mounts to fit unusual or altered receivers

  • Headspace correction in all types of firearms

  • Caliber changes

  • Straightening barrels

  • Straightening bent receivers

  • Repair and reinforcing broken stocks

  • Rebarreling of all types of firearms

  • Repair and adjustment of single selective triggers and ejectors on double guns

  • Replacement and fitting of standard or oversized hinge pins on pivot barrel guns

  • Thorough cleaning and oiling of any type of firearm

Average repair cost is about $40. Contact us for a more accurate estimate for your firearm and service required.